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As a non-profit, volunteer run organization, U COUNT truly appreciates the donations that help us fight human trafficking.  When you donate, you enable us to fund our projects and provide help to frontline organizations, making their programs sustainable and their projects a reality.  U COUNT is blessed with corporate partners which allows 100% of all personal donations to be given back to our frontline partners, directly helping those affected by trafficking.  If you would like to donate to U COUNT, or are interested in being a corporate partner, please visit




U COUNT Marketplace exists to provide sustainable and alternative income options for women coming out of the sex industry.  We partner with frontline organizations to utilize a direct trade model that both develops and imports handcrafted items.  Sales of these items generate revenue used to purchase more product.  “Caring beyond sales” isn’t just a catchphrase.  It is something we believe and practice daily.  You can find our Marketplace products at various local shops and events.  You can also shop online at

The easiest way for you to help us in our work is to PRAY!  Pray that God would continue to open new doors for us, locally and globally.  Pray that our frontline partners are blessed with the resources they need to affect change in the trafficking environment.  Pray that rescued women and children would feel the hand of God on their lives in direct and lasting ways.  We thank God for how He is going to use each of us to further His work.  Please join us for monthly prayer meetings at Timberline Church.  The first Wednesday of every month, 12-12:30pm, anyone can meet at the front doors for a dedicated prayer walk around the building.

Wondering how you can help in the fight against human trafficking?  U COUNT is always looking for new volunteers.  We are a 100% volunteer organization, which means our volunteers are the biggest reason U COUNT is successful.  We work with our volunteers to pair interests and skill sets with our needs—we want you to feel active in the fight.  To learn more about human trafficking or how you can become a volunteer, please email us at 

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