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U COUNT Marketplace empowers survivors of human trafficking by providing them with economic opportunities and supporting their journey towards hope and renewal. We use a direct trade model to sell their handmade products, ensuring that 100% of the purchase price goes directly back to the women in the sex industry. By purchasing items from our Marketplace, you can provide alternative and sustainable income for these women, helping them build a brighter future.



The Freedom Supply Chain is a partnership between U COUNT and Beauty REnewed (bRE), LLC.  Our mission is to provide a sustainable supply chain and sales outlets for those affected by human trafficking. U COUNT (501c3) funded by donations and the sales of products, utilizes the information from bRE and sales channels to order products. Beauty REnewed develops and defines product with the sites employing at risk and victims of human trafficking. Each site will be visited by bRE as needed to procure raw goods and work the designs.



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